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Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
Janet Lee
57, Raleigh, NC
Harimau 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Madison Scherer
25, Maryland, DE
Penyu 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Tonya Herbert
34, Dallas, TX
Harimau 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Alec Hillmon
29, Jacksonville, FL
Penyu 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Bryan Roberts
30, New York, NY
Penyu Lima   5th Voted Out
Day 15
Osten Garson
41, Detroit, MI
Penyu 6th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 18
Ashlin Keller
22, Long Beach, CA
Penyu 7th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 21
Kevin Bernard
40, Bayonne, NJ
Harimau 8th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
Belle Dennis
26, Salt Lake City, UT
Harimau 9th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 25
Henry Victor
53, Seattle, WA
Harimau 10th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 26
Roxanne Powers
48, Louisville, KY
Penyu Runner Up
Johnny Peterson
24, Los Angeas, CA
Harimau Sole Survivor

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